Friday, December 23, 2011

Deh, vieni alla finestra – Don Giovanni

We’ll see.
These are the windows.
Let’s sing now.
Come to the window,
O my darling!
Come to dry
my tears.
If you refuse to give me
some restoration,
in front of your eyes
I will want to die.
You have a mouth
sweeter than honey.
You carry
sugar in your heart.
Don’t be, my joy,
cruel with me.
Let me at least see you,
my fair love!

Simon Keenlyside sings the serenade from Mozart's Don Giovanni.

Sogno soave e casto – Don Pasquale

This madness
will overthrow my plans!

Sweet and chaste dream
from my early years, farewell.
I longed for wealth and splendor
just for you, my love:
poor, abandoned,
fallen to a low state,
ere seeing you miserable,
dear, I must renounce you.

Don Pasquale
Really, how original!
That obstinate oaf!
Well, thank goodness,
he seems sober.
Well, I know where his weakness is,
but that is what he wants,
he himself
cannot blame others!

Juan Diego Florez as Ernesto in Donizetti's Don Pasquale. With Ruggero Raimondi as Don Pasquale.

This is just incredibly gorgeous. Florez is the perfect Ernesto.

Zurich, 2007.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ecco, ridente in cielo – Il Barbiere di Siviglia

Here, laughing in heaven
emerges the beautiful dawn,
and you are not awake yet
you can sleep like this?
Arise, my sweet hope,
come, my dear idol;
Render less painful, oh God,
The arrow that wounds me.
Oh destiny! I see now
that dear countenance;
this loving soul
has obtained mercy.
Oh moments of love!
Oh sweet contentedness!
Precious moment
It has no equal!

Juan Diego Florez sings Almaviva's first aria from Rossini's Barber of Seville. I'm not sure what those hopping Vulcans are supposed to represent.

La Scala, 1999. Conductor: Riccardo Chailly.