Sunday, August 18, 2013

Short vid

Addio, fiorito asil – Madama Butterfly

Yes, all in an instant
I see my mistake and I feel
That from this torment
I will have no respite.
Forever that mild countenance
I will see, with excruciating agony,
Forever that sweet voice
I will hear mourning.

Farewell flowery refuge
Of joy and love
I cannot bear your misery
I must run away, I must run away – I am vile.

Peter Dvorsky as Pinkerton in Puccini's Madame Butterfly. With Richard Stilwell as Sharpless.

Chicago, 1985.

È la solita storia – L’arlesiana

It’s the old story of the shepherd...
The poor boy that wanted
To recount it
And he fell asleep
There is oblivion in sleep.
How I envy him!
I would like to sleep like that as well,
To at least find oblivion in sleep!
I am looking only for peace.
I would like to be able to forget it all!
But every effort is in vain.
I have always before me
Her sweet countenance.
Peace is only taken from me.
Why must I suffer so?
Her! She is always speaking to my heart!
Irresistible vision, leave me!
You hurt me so badly! Alas!

Jose Carreras sings Federico's lament from Cilea's L'arlesiana.

Colon, 1987.