Thursday, March 6, 2014

Voi lo sapete – Cavalleria Rusticana

You know, o mother,    
Before he went to be a soldier,
Turiddu swore eternal faith
To Lola.                       
He returned, he found her married;
And with a new love.
He wanted to extinguish the flame
That was burning his heart:
He loved me, I loved him.
She, envious of my every delight,
Forgotten by her husband,
Burning with jealousy...
She stole him from me...
I am left devoid of honour:
Lola and Turiddu love one another,
I weep, I weep!

Fabulous Russian mezzo-soprano Elena Obraztsova sings Santuzza's aria from Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana.

Tokyo, 1980.

Quando le sere al placido – Luisa Miller

Oh! I wish I could deny my own eyes!
If heaven and earth, if mortals and angels
Were to swear to me that she is not guilty...
Lies! I should answer,
All lies...this is her hand!
So much treachery!  A black soul!
A liar! Well my father knew her!
But all the promises, the hopes, the joy,
the tears, the anguish?
Everything is a lie, betrayal, deception!

When in the evenings in the calm
Pale light of a starry sky
She gazed with me into the heavens
With a look of love,
And I felt this hand pressed
By her hand...

Ah! She betrayed me!
I was mute, ecstatic,
Hanging from her lips.
When she said in angelic tones
‘I love only you’,
It seemed like the world
Opened to my soul!

Placido Domingo sings the famous tenor aria from Verdi's Luisa Miller.

Covent Garden, 1979.

Eri tu che macchiavi – Un Ballo in Maschera

It isn’t her, no, not her
Fragile breast that I must strike.
Another, fine, another’s blood must wipe away
The offense! . . .
Your blood!
And I will draw the dagger
From your treacherous heart,
The avenger of my tears!

It was you who tainted that soul,
The delight of my soul;
Who confided in me and in one condemnable instant
Poisoned the universe for me!
Traitor! In such a manner you repay
The faith of your former friend!

O lost delights! O memories
Of an embrace that rendered happiness! . . .
When Amelia so beautiful, so pure
On my breast shone with love!
It is finished, nothing remains but hatred
And death in my widower’s heart!
O lost delights, O hopes of love!

Rolando Panerai sings Renato's aria from Verdi's Un Ballo in Maschera.

Film, 1958.