Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chi mi frena – Lucia di Lammermoor

(Who’s stopping me in such a moment?
Who’s cutting short the course of anger?
Her pain, her fear
They are the proof of remorse!
But, that fading rose,
She is between life and death...
I am overcome... I am moved!...
I love you, ungrateful woman, I love you still!)

(Who is trying to stop my fury
And the hand that’s stroking the sword?
In favor of the poor girl
A cry arose in my breast!
She is my blood! I have betrayed her!
She is between life and death...
Oh! I cannot prevent
My heart’s remorse.)

(I had hoped that my fear
would have ended my life...
But death is no help to me...
I still live for my torment!
The veil has fallen from my eyes,
Heaven and earth have betrayed me!
I would like to weep, but I can’t...
Even my tears have abandoned me!)

Raimondo, Arturo
(What a terrible moment!
I am without words...
A dense cloud [veil] of fear
Is covering the rays of the sun!
Like a wilting rose
She is between life and death
Whoever is not moved for her
Has a heart of stone.)

The great sextet from Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor.

Edgardo: José Carreras
Lucia: Katia Ricciarelli
Enrico: Leo Nucci
Raimondo: John Paul Bogart
Arturo: John Dickie
Alisa: Waltraud Winsauer

Bregenz, 1982.
Conductor: Lamberto Gardelli.

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