Friday, November 2, 2012

O mio Fernando - La Favorita

It is true then, oh heavens! You... Fernando 
are to be Leonora’s husband!
All this I’m told, and yet my spirit is still doubtful
of this unexpected joy! Oh God! Marry him?
Oh, what unbearable shame! As a dowry to the brave man...
I will bring him dishonor, no, never; If he should ever
abhor me, I’ll fly, he will know in a short time
This woman that he adores so.

Oh, my Fernando! Throne of the earth,
I would have given my heart to possess you,
But my pure love is like a pardon,
and yet I am damned, alas! It is a terrifying horror.

The truth shall be known, and in your extreme contempt
I will face the worst penalty possible;
If you are rightly displeased, then I will be a mockery
Strike me, great God, with your lightning.

Come, death, what is stopping you?
My pain is written in the skies,
Come, she is a festival,
An altar spread with flowers.

The grave is already opening for me;
The black veil is already covering me;
Ah! The sad bride,
damned, desperate,
She will not have forgiveness in heaven.

Fiorenza Cossotto as Leonora in Donizetti's La Favorita.

Tokyo, 1971.

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