Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nemico della Patria - Andrea Chenier

An enemy of the State?!
It’s an old fable
That people are still blissfully swallowing.
Born in Constantinople? Foreigner!
Studied at Saint-Cyr? Soldier!                          
Traitor! Accomplice to Dumouriez!
And a poet? Corrupter of hearts
And mores!
I once lived joyfully
Without hatred or vengeance
Pure, innocent and strong.
I thought myself a giant
But I’m just a servant
Who’s changed masters.           
An obedient servant to violent passions!
Ah, worse yet! I kill and tremble,
And while I kill, I weep!
Me, a son of the Revolution,                             
The first to hear its cry
For the world, I united that cry to my own.
Have I now lost faith
In that dream of destiny?
Oh how my path
Shone with glory!
The heart’s conscience
Reawakening the people,
Gathering up the tears
Of the vanquished and suffering,
Making the world a Pantheon,
Changing men into gods;
And in one kiss,
In one kiss and one embrace
To love all mankind!

Juan Pons in Giordano's Andrea Chenier.

Met, 1996.

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