Friday, July 29, 2011

Che gelida manina - La Boheme

What a cold hand,
Let it warm up.
What's the use of looking?
You won’t find it in the dark.
But fortunately
It’s a full moon tonight,
And here the moon
We have nearby.

Wait, Miss
I want to say some things
Who I am, and what I do,
How I live. Would you like to hear them?

Who am I? I am a poet.
What do I do? I write.
And how do I live? I live.
In poverty, my happiness
Lavished by a great Lord,
rhymes and hymns of love.
For dreams and chimeras
And castles in the air,
I have the soul of a millionaire.
One time, from my chest
They stole all my jewels
Two thieves, with sharp eyes.
They came in with you just now,
And both my used up dreams
And my good dreams,
Quickly disappeared!
But I won't take the theft to heart
Since, since you’ve been in the room
there's hope!
Now that you know me,
You talk, eh! Come on. Who are you?
Say whatever you like!

Placido Domingo sings this famous aria from Puccini's La Boheme.
Paris, 1977.

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