Friday, July 29, 2011

Non più andrai – Le nozze di Figaro

You won’t go anymore, loving butterfly,
Night and day turning around;
disturbing the rest of the lovely
You little Narcissus, Adonis of love.
You won’t have these beautiful wings anymore,
that light and gallant hat,
that crown, that brilliant air,
that feminine, rose colour,
Between warriors, in the name of Bacchus!
Grand moustache, small fortune.
Musket on his shoulder, saber at his side,
Straight neck, a frank face,
a grand helmet, or a grand turban,
so much honour, so little cash!
And instead of the fandango,
A march through the mud.
Over the mountains, through the valleys,
With snow and with sunshine,
To the music of trombones,
Of bombards, of cannons,
The thundering bombs in all
The ears are whistling.
Cherub fly to victory:
To military glory.

Bryn Terfel as Figaro in Mozart's, "The Marriage of Figaro". 
New York, 1998. Conductor: James Levine.

José van Dam in Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro.
Paris, 1980. 

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